There are a number of benefits for joining The Sydney Society of Recorder Players:

Membership fees

Membership is for the calendar year. Members joining after the 1st of October become financial until the 31st of December the following year.

Membership fees are $55.00 per annum.

New Memberships and Renewals

To join The Sydney Society of Recorder Players or renew your membership, please download and print the relevant form below:.

After completing the relevant form, please post it to:

The Sydney Society of Recorder Players
PO BOX 438
Glebe 2037

Committee Members

Marguerite FoxonSocial Media
Judith BurchillPublic
Camille HollingdaleMember
Susan FoulcherVice President susan.foulcher@gmail.com0415 932 693
Janiece MoylanSecretary
Megan PetrassMember
Agi KoltaiCatering Manager
Anne 9371 8347
Tony TenneyProgram
Mary-Jane ClarkMinutes
Annette SaltNewsletter 873 455