Catalogue Definitions

Last Name, First Name - the name of the composer, or 'Anon' for anonymous.

Code - This is the librarian's accession number. It identifies the work to the librarian.

Title - The full title of the work, including publisher details and, where applicable, cross references to other listings. Cross references always begin with the word, "See" as in "See Bach 324.

Index - This is the digit-dot-digit code that categorises the work according to the forces required. The number after the decimal indicates how many recorder parts there are. The number before the decimal indicates what other instruments, if any, are involved. These numbers have the following meanings:

  1. Recorders only
  2. Recorders + keyboard (kbd)
  3. Recorders + guitar (g)
  4. Recorders + basso continuo (bc)
  5. Recorders + other instruments (oth)
  6. Recorders + voice (voi)

Instruments - This gives the kinds of recorder required in satb form.